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Google Maps is an innovative web mapping service developed by Google that offers comprehensive geographical data about various places and landmarks worldwide. Users can search locations, receive directions, check real-time traffic updates, explore satellite imagery, and more through this app. Millions of people worldwide depend on this tool to easily navigate their global surroundings.

Google Maps first debuted in 2005 and quickly gained popularity due to its intuitive user experience. At first, users could search addresses, get directions and view satellite imagery within Google Maps; but over time, more features such as real-time traffic updates, public transit information and street views have been added as part of its portfolio.

Google introduced Street View as an interactive feature in 2007, providing users with panoramic views of streets and landmarks to explore cities or new places virtually. Users have taken to this popular feature for exploring unfamiliar cities virtually.

Google Maps has implemented numerous features to make its service more accessible for people living with disabilities. For example, this app now provides detailed accessibility information on millions of locations worldwide - such as wheelchair accessibility or visual and auditory directions for visually impaired individuals.

Google Maps has continually added new features and updates in recent years, such as machine learning and AI-powered recommendations. In addition, Google's ability to provide personalized suggestions based on a user's search history and preferences has made Google Maps one of the go-to apps for discovering new places and experiences.

Google Maps has become one of the most sought-after mapping services online, used by millions of people around the globe.

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Waze, the popular navigation app created in Israel in 2008 by Uri

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