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Google Earth is a geospatial mapping and visualization tool created by Google that allows users to explore the world's geography and landmarks in three-dimensional. First released as EarthViewer 3D desktop application in 2001 by Keyhole Inc, which was later acquired by Google in 2004.

Google Earth quickly rose to fame due to its user-friendly interface and ability to provide detailed maps of virtually any location on Earth. Combining satellite imagery, aerial photography, and geographic information system (GIS) data into an immersive and realistic viewing of Earth sets this program apart from competitors like Bing Maps or Yahoo Maps.

Over time, Google has continuously enhanced and broadened the capabilities of Google Earth. In 2005, it introduced its online counterpart - Google Maps - allowing users to interact with maps from any web browser. By 2008, a new version of Google Earth had been unveiled, featuring 3D buildings and ocean floor exploration features.

Google Earth underwent an overhaul in 2017, adding new features such as 3D maps of major cities, guided tours and virtual reality support. Furthermore, this release included "Voyager," which allows users to discover content curated by partners such as BBC and NASA.

Today, Google Earth is available as a free desktop application and as mobile application for iOS and Android devices. It has become an invaluable tool for many individuals and organizations, ranging from students and researchers to urban planners and emergency responders. Google Earth continues to advance and broaden its capabilities, making it one of the most sought-after and innovative mapping applications currently available.

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