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Google Docs is an online word-processing application developed by Google that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents in real time. First released as part of the Google Drive productivity suite in 2006, this popular word processor tool has since become one of the go-to solutions on the market.

Before Google Docs was available, users had to rely on desktop-based applications like Microsoft Word in order to create and edit documents. While these tools had some restrictions in terms of collaboration, storage, and accessibility, Google Docs offered a convenient online platform which was easy for all users to use simultaneously while providing more secure storage solutions for documents created online.

Google Docs initially provided only basic features, but over time Google has continued to add and develop additional ones - such as real-time commenting, track changes and voice typing - extending its functionality even further. Today it offers document creation/editing/presentations/form creation capabilities, among other capabilities.

Google Docs' seamless integration with other Google apps like Drive, Gmail and Calendar makes sharing documents, storing files and scheduling meetings and events much simpler for users.

Google Docs has revolutionized how people work remotely or across distributed teams. Thanks to real-time collaboration feature like realigning documents simultaneously across geographical distances, users can work together on documents even when miles apart. It has since become a highly utilized app among businesses, educators, and individuals looking for an efficient way to create and collaborate on documents.

Google Docs has revolutionized how we create and collaborate on documents, making the process effortless, accessible, and efficient. Thanks to its comprehensive features and seamless integration with other Google apps, it has become indispensable for millions of users worldwide.

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