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Google Classroom is an online platform developed by Google that enables teachers and students to easily manage and participate in classes, assignments, and discussions. First released to users in August 2014 as part of the G Suite for Education suite of tools, it has proven popular since.

Google Classroom was developed to promote collaboration and communication among teachers and students while streamlining assignment creation, distribution, and grading processes. It's free for anyone with an active Google account.

At first, Google Classroom offered few features; over time, however, its functionality has expanded considerably and features have been added to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Today it is used by schools, universities, and educational institutions across the world, with millions of teachers and students accessing Google Classroom daily.

Google Classroom stands out from other Google apps by its seamless integration, which allows students and teachers to access files easily, collaborate in real-time on assignments, and give each other feedback in real-time.

Overall, Google Classroom has revolutionized how teachers and students collaborate and interact in the classroom. It has made learning more efficient and effective, enabling teachers to create engaging lessons and giving students greater control of their education.

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