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Glitche is a photo and video editing app developed by developer Luca Grillo that enables users to add digital glitches and distortions to their media. First released in 2013, Glitche quickly gained traction among artistic communities due to its unconventional approach to digital manipulation.

Glitche can be traced back to the early days of digital art in the late 20th century. Artists exploring its capabilities began experimenting with glitches and errors associated with manipulating digital files; what was once seen as errors needing correcting became an artistic medium for creating unique and unexpected images and videos.

Glitche was developed as an easy way for anyone to apply digital glitches and distortions to their own media without needing in-depth knowledge of digital art or programming. The app features various effects like pixelation, static distortion and color shifting, which can all be applied easily by just swiping a finger across it.

Glitche has, since its introduction, undergone considerable development and expansion with each update, adding new effects and features that have become essential tools for global artists and creatives. Professionals from various fields worldwide use Glitche to produce music videos, short films and experimental photography works of digital art.

Glitche remains one of the most widely-used apps for digital glitch art and has inspired an entirely new generation of artists and creators to explore digital media as an expressive outlet.

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