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Glide is a widely-used mobile app development platform which empowers users to create customized mobile apps quickly and without the need for programming knowledge. Anyone can publish functional mobile apps for iOS or Android devices within minutes using Glide.

Glide can be traced back to 2013 when its founder David Siegel created a prototype app called College Together that allowed students to share notes and collaborate on assignments. Due to its success, he realized there was a market for a simple yet intuitive app development platform that any person could easily utilize.

Glide was officially unveiled to the world in 2015, quickly becoming popular among small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to create mobile apps themselves. Glide's ease of use and affordable pricing made it a go-to tool among people wanting to quickly develop apps for either business or hobby purposes.

Glide has seen various updates and upgrades since its initial launch, such as new features and integrations being introduced. Most notably, in 2020, Glide 2.0 was unveiled, providing numerous customizable design options and personalization features to its platform users.

Today, Glide boasts over one million users globally and is used by them to develop mobile applications such as e-commerce stores, event apps, educational apps and many others. Glide's success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, affordable price point and ability to create functional apps without needing coding knowledge - all hallmarks of success for any successful software solution.

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