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Gigwalk is a mobile application that connects businesses with independent contractors for market research, mystery shopping and other tasks. Established by Ariel Seidman and David Watanabe in 2010, this San Francisco-based app serves businesses worldwide.

Seidman came up with the concept for Gigwalk during his time as a product manager at Yahoo, where he relied heavily on freelancers for market research. Unfortunately, there wasn't an easy way for him to manage and locate these workers; many needed to be utilized altogether. Thus, he built an efficient platform connecting businesses and independent contractors more easily.

The Gigwalk app first went into beta in 2011 before officially being released later that year. Since its introduction, it quickly gained popularity and was featured in various tech publications like TechCrunch and Mashable. Furthermore, several rounds of funding were secured, including $6 Million in Series A funding in 2012.

Since its debut, Gigwalk has rapidly evolved into an innovative platform providing services such as data collection, auditing, and merchandising. Microsoft, eBay and Levi's are among the many companies that use the app regularly.

In 2020, Fernish was formed through the merger between gig economy platforms Gigwalk and Field Agent to form one comprehensive service offering to businesses, including on-demand labor, data collection and market research services.

Overall, Gigwalk has played an instrumental role in shaping the evolution of the gig economy by serving as a platform that connects businesses to independent contractors and freelancers. Its success has inspired similar platforms and helped shape the future of work.

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