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Geocaching is a global outdoor recreational activity utilizing GPS-enabled devices to locate hidden containers known as geocaches located around the world. Geocaching began in May 2000 when computer consultant Dave Ulmer decided to test out then-new GPS technology by hiding a navigational target near Portland, Oregon, posting its coordinates online and inviting others to find it! This event became the catalyst that launched geocaching as an international phenomenon enjoyed by millions in over 190 countries today.

Groundspeak, Inc. introduced the world's first geocaching mobile app called "Geocaching" in 2008 as a popular way to interact with geocachers on the go and quickly gained popularity as it enabled geocachers to find caches faster and more efficiently. Since then, many other geocaching apps have come on board, offering different features and functionality.

Geocaching apps enable users to search for caches, navigate directly there using GPS, log their discoveries and even create and hide their own. They provide details about each cache's location, size, difficulty level, and additional features like social networking or leaderboards.

Over the years, the Geocaching app has undergone multiple updates and modifications, such as adding features such as offline maps, trackable item logging, filtering/sorting caching capabilities and access to exclusive caches. Furthermore, premium subscription services now provide additional benefits like exclusive cache access as well as more refined search filters.

Overall, the Geocaching app has played an enormous role in expanding and popularizing geocaching as a recreational activity. It has made geocaching easier and more accessible to geocachers of all levels while creating an engaged community of enthusiasts worldwide.

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