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FrostWire is a free, open-source file-sharing application available on multiple platforms - Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Launched in September 2004 as a fork of LimeWire which was later discontinued due to court orders, FrostWire allows users to share and download files over the internet, including music, videos, documents and images. It was first made available for public use in October 2010.

FrostWire began as a response to LimeWire being sued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for copyright infringement. Following this legal action, its developers decided to discontinue service, leaving millions of users without an application to share files with each other.

A group of developers decided to develop a file-sharing application based on LimeWire's code but with several improvements. They quickly named it FrostWire and saw great success among former LimeWire users.

FrostWire has evolved over time, adding new features and improving its user interface. In 2011, FrostWire made waves when it introduced support for the BitTorrent protocol, allowing users to download large files quickly. Furthermore, Android support was added in 2012, making FrostWire one of the few file-sharing applications available on mobile platforms.

FrostWire remains a popular option among tech-savvy individuals despite legal hurdles similar to its predecessor's, thanks to its open-source nature and commitment to user privacy and security.

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