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Free Prints is a mobile app developed by UK-based company PhotoAffections in 2011 that allows users to print digital photos for free without subscription or commitment, with over 20 million downloads worldwide since then.

Free Prints was inspired by the understanding that many people want to print their photos but find it too costly or complicated. Through Free Prints, users can print up to 85 4x6 photos per month free, paying only for additional prints or larger sizes.

Initial availability for Free Prints was restricted to the US; however, soon afterwards, it spread rapidly throughout Canada and the UK. As a result, free Prints quickly rose in popularity, becoming one of the highest-grossing photo printing apps on the Apple App Store in multiple countries.

In 2015, PhotoAffections was acquired by the global printing company District Photo and free prints were expanded even further, becoming available across Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Free Prints has continued to develop over time, offering new features and improving user experience. Now it supports additional print sizes, including 5x5 and 8x10, as well as canvas. Furthermore, users can now use this app to make personalized photo books, cards, and products through it.

Free Prints has revolutionized the photo printing industry by providing an easy, cost-effective and user-friendly method of producing tangible photo products in today's digital era. Their success is a testament to this demand.

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