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The Forest is a time and productivity management app designed to help users focus on tasks by encouraging them to put away their smartphones and stay off them during task completion. Since its debut in 2014 on both Android and iOS platforms, this mobile app has seen immense popularity worldwide, with over 25 million downloads worldwide!

The Forest app's concept is straightforward: users plant a tree on it and set a timer to determine how long they want to focus on completing their task. If they leave to use other apps or check their phones instead of working, their tree will die and they must restart. By this mechanism, Forest aims to encourage users to remain focused and get back on task without checking their phones too often.

The Forest app was designed by four students at China's University of Hsinchu: Shaokan Pi, Shuyang Shi, Haojian Sun and Chengfeng Pan. They were inspired to develop it after realizing how much time they were spending on their phones instead of studying; their goal was to find ways of keeping themselves and others focused on tasks more effectively in order to increase productivity and be more focused.

The Forest App has earned numerous acclaim and awards, such as Google's Best of 2015 and Apple's Design Award in 2016. Furthermore, Forbes, New York Times, and TechCrunch have featured it extensively.

The Forest app has also joined forces with Trees for the Future, a non-profit that plants trees in rural communities around the world. When users plant virtual trees on Forest, part of its revenue goes toward Trees for the Future for real tree planting efforts; to date, over one million trees have been planted using this partnership!

Forest App is a widely-acclaimed productivity app designed by four friends from China to help users stay focused and away from their phones. The Forest app has received multiple awards and accolades for its innovative design and concept; moreover, this partnership with Trees for the Future to plant real trees has also made an environmentally impactful statement.

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