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FloatMe is a mobile banking app designed to give users access to an instant, interest- and fee-free cash advance of up to $50 before their next payday. Launched by fintech entrepreneur Ryan Falvey and computer science graduate Sahil Gupta in 2018, FloatMe quickly rose in popularity.

FloatMe's founders were inspired to develop it based on their own financial struggles, particularly unexpected expenses and cash flow management issues. They recognized a need for an accessible solution to help people bridge gaps between paychecks without incurring high fees and interest rates associated with traditional payday loans.

FloatMe is available on both iOS and Android and has quickly gained popularity for its convenience, ease of use, and transparent terms. It connects directly to users' bank accounts to analyze income and spending habits before determining eligibility for cash advances at any time - they can request one anytime, with funds usually arriving within several hours and deposited directly into their accounts. Moreover, there are budgeting tools and financial education resources included as part of this app that help users improve their overall financial health.

Since its debut, FloatMe has received widespread acclaim and support from industry experts and investors. Since raising more than $2.5 million, Forbes and TechCrunch have featured it. Furthermore, its services now encompass other financial products, such as virtual debit cards and savings account products.

Overall, FloatMe has become an invaluable and reliable solution for individuals needing financial help in times of trouble, continually evolving to meet its user's demands and meet them head-on.

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