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Fitplay is a mobile application developed by the German company AppLike GmbH and launched in 2017. Available both for iOS and Android platforms, Fitplay can provide its users with various fitness-related activities and nutritional guidance - everything from workouts to nutritional information. The Fitplay app can be freely downloaded and utilized.

Fitplay began its journey back in 2015 when its founders, Marlon Scholz and Janis Zech from AppLike GmbH, recognized a trend of mobile users searching for ways to stay healthy using mobile phones. Realizing there was an opportunity to meet this demand through an app development initiative, they set about creating the Fitplay app - now known as My Fitness Playground (MFPA).

In 2017, Fitplay launched on the market. Users quickly took to it, with over one million downloads within its first year alone. Due to this success, in 2018 another version of the app was developed which featured additional features and improved functionality that made it even more user-friendly.

Fitplay has quickly gained in popularity since its introduction, garnering over five million downloads to date. This app offers various fitness-related activities, such as workouts, challenges and nutrition plans; users can customize these to meet their fitness level and goals while getting rewards like gift cards or discounts off fitness products when completing challenges.

Overall, Fitplay has proven itself an impressive force in the mobile fitness app market by offering users an effortless and straightforward means of staying fit and healthy. From its user-friendly interface and personalized workout plans to rewarding activities completed, Fitplay makes an excellent choice for maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

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