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Field Agent is a mobile application designed to simplify field data collection and management for businesses and organizations. Users can gather information, conduct surveys, or perform audits using mobile phones while in the field using Field Agent as an ideal solution for field teams and remote workers in industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality and logistics. It has proven its worth across a range of sectors - retail stores alone use it extensively!

Eric Caston, then working in retail, recognized a need for an application that could help businesses manage their field operations more efficiently and effectively. So he set about developing one to facilitate data collection and analysis while decreasing errors while offering real-time insights for decision makers. Feature Field Agent app was born.

After several years of research and development, Feature Field Agent was finally released for public consumption in 2015. It quickly gained widespread acclaim among businesses as they saw its potential to enhance field operations. Today, over 100,000 users actively utilize it worldwide and it continues to add features that meet users' changing demands.

Success of this app can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, flexible features, and ability to seamlessly integrate with other business tools like CRM systems and analytics platforms. Businesses using Feature Field Agent are able to easily collect and manage data, monitor performance and make informed decisions to enhance their operations.

Conclusion Feature Field Agent has become an essential tool for businesses and organizations seeking to optimize their field operations. Its ease of use, flexibility and ability to deliver real-time insights make it a highly beneficial asset for field teams, remote workers and decision-makers. As it evolves further and expands its capabilities further still, Feature Field Agent should remain one of the leading solutions for field data collection and management for years to come.


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