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FarmVille was initially released by Zynga in 2009 for use on Facebook, where it quickly gained immense popularity amongst both casual gamers and hardcore ones alike. Due to its unique blend of social interaction and straightforward yet engaging gameplay, FarmVille quickly become a global sensation that attracted millions of players around the globe. It quickly established itself as one of Facebook's premier games attracting both casual players as well as hardcore ones who flocked to it instantly.

The gameplay involves players creating and managing their virtual farm by planting crops, raising livestock and building structures to support it. They earn in-game currency by selling produce sold online or completing tasks set by other players; alternatively, they may purchase in-game currency using real money in order to speed up progress or gain access to exclusive items.

FarmVille's success can be attributed to its simple yet engaging gameplay, which made it accessible to players of any age and gaming experience. Furthermore, its social aspects were equally impressive; players could interact with friends and neighbors by visiting each other's farms or sharing resources and gifts with each other.

FarmVille has seen numerous updates and expansions over its lifetime, introducing new features and items to keep players engaged with the game. Unfortunately, its popularity began to diminish with mobile gaming's advent; as more gamers turned away from Facebook gaming devices to mobile gaming.

Zynga announced in 2020 that it would discontinue Farmville due to Adobe Flash Player no longer supporting it, sending shockwaves through longtime players who had invested time and money into virtual farms. Yet its legacy lives on as it laid the groundwork for similar social simulation games while helping shape gaming industry practices related to social and mobile gaming.

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