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Facebook is an international social networking platform that enables its users to stay in touch, connect, interact, and share with family, friends, acquaintances and acquaintances online. Available across devices like smartphones, tablets and computers - and with billions of active users worldwide - Facebook remains one of the world's most used apps with billions of active users globally.

Facebook was initially founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with four of his college roommates - Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes -- at Harvard University in February 2004. At first, only Harvard students could access it; but quickly spread beyond Harvard into other universities and eventually all American populations.

In 2007, Facebook unveiled the initial mobile version of its website known as the Facebook App exclusively for Apple iOS users, later expanding it to other platforms including Android and Windows. Users could then access their accounts, browse newsfeeds, post updates, share photos/videos with friends/other users within Facebook as well as interact with each other within it.

Over the years, Facebook has consistently upgraded and upgraded their app with new features and functionalities, such as:

1) Introduction of "Like" button in 2009

2) Addition of Timeline feature in 2011

3) Launch of the Live feature in 2016 and Stories features in 2017

Facebook app has also faced various controversies and challenges, including concerns regarding user privacy, data breaches, and spreading misinformation on its platform. As a response, efforts have been undertaken by Facebook to strengthen security features, implement tighter content policies, partner with external organizations to combat misinformation/fake news on its platform, etc.

Even during its struggles, Facebook remains an industry leader, connecting billions of users globally through an interface offering communication, expression and connection. Facebook is part of daily life for millions worldwide - forever revolutionizing how information is shared digitally.

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