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F.lux is an innovative software app that modifies the color temperature of a computer or mobile device's screen to reduce blue light emission, reflecting nature's natural illumination cycle: reduced blue light during evening hours and more blue light early in the day. By decreasing exposure to blue light, F.lux aims to improve sleep quality and minimize eye strain caused by using devices before bedtime.

F.lux was released as a freeware application for Windows in 2009, later becoming available for macOS, Linux and iOS platforms as well. Created by Michael and Lorna Herf who were inspired by research demonstrating that exposure to blue light at night can disturb one's circadian rhythm - a 24-hour cycle that regulates sleep as well as other physiological functions - thus disrupting their circadian rhythm and disrupting sleep quality and physiological functions.

F.lux was initially utilized mainly by computer enthusiasts and developers; however, as more research was published regarding the detrimental effects of blue light exposure on sleep quality. Apple then released Night Shift for iOS devices resulting in even greater popularity for F.lux.

F.lux's success attracted investors, and in 2016, it raised $12 million through an equity funding round led by Heron Capital. This allowed F.lux to expand its team while developing new features and improving user experiences.

F.lux has quickly become one of the world's most widely downloaded applications with over 20 million downloads worldwide. Lauded for its effectiveness at relieving eye strain and improving sleep quality, F.lux continues to add new features and updates. Available for free across various platforms with optional donations for those wanting to contribute towards its further development, this software continues to receive praise.

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