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ES File Explorer is an Android file management app developed by Chinese tech firm ES Global that enables users to efficiently organize, access, and share files across their devices. Since its debut in 2010, this powerful file manager has quickly gained widespread acclaim thanks to its innovative features and user-friendly interface.

Early versions of ES File Explorer were intended as simple file managers, enabling users to perform basic file operations like moving, copying and deleting. Over time, however, this app developed into something much greater: cloud storage integration, app management capabilities and even an integrated media player!

One of ES File Explorer's key capabilities was its ability to access and manage files on rooted Android devices. Rooting allows users to gain privileged access to the device's operating system, granting access to perform advanced tasks such as uninstalling system apps and editing system files - tasks made simpler with its user-friendly interface.

However, the app has had its share of controversy over time. In 2019, it was removed from Google Play due to alleged privacy violations; intrusive ads and data collection without consent were discovered on ES Global's app, along with unethical business practices such as fake reviews and manipulating app rankings being promoted through unethical business practices by them.

Regardless of its issues, ES File Explorer continues to be one of the most beloved Android applications. Offering powerful features and boasting an active and devoted following.

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