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Episode is a mobile storytelling platform that enables users to create, share, and explore interactive stories across genres - romance, drama, fantasy and mystery being the primary ones - with its interface designed specifically for smartphone use. Since its release by Pocket Gems of San Francisco California in 2014, Episode has grown into one of the premier platforms for storytelling with millions of monthly active users worldwide.

Pocket Gems discovered Episode after realizing its potential for interactive storytelling on mobile devices. They noticed a gap in the market for a user-friendly app where anyone could create and publish their own stories using various interactive tools. Episode was designed as such an app and quickly gained traction as an innovative new storytelling platform.

Episode was launched as its own app in 2014 and quickly rose in popularity among users. Offering stories in different genres as well as tools to enable user creation of their own stories made Episode an appealing storytelling platform at that time. This unique aspect set it apart from other storytelling platforms of its time.

Over time, Episode has evolved and improved, offering users easier story creation and sharing capabilities as well as increasing its content library with stories written both professionally and by individual users.

Today, Episode is an award-winning mobile storytelling platform with millions of monthly active users around the world who use its app to explore, create, and share stories through Episode. Millions use Episode as a storytelling platform every month to connect with readers worldwide while many writers also turn to Episode as a showcase platform and way of connecting with readers worldwide.

Episode has left an indelible mark on mobile storytelling, inspiring other platforms to adopt its innovative interactive storytelling features and giving users new ways to engage with stories and build connections among themselves.

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