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Enlight is a mobile app designed to sharpen your creative abilities and transform photos into stunning works of art. Boasting an intuitive user interface and extensive editing tools, Enlight has quickly become the go-to app for photographers, artists, and enthusiasts looking to push their visual creations even further. From adding filters to artistic collages or fine-tuning your image by fine-tuning precise adjustments - Enlight has everything you need to unleash your artistic side.

Enlight was developed by Lightricks, a software company established in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to revolutionizing how people create and edit visual content. Their vision was to provide individuals with professional-grade editing tools previously only accessible via desktop applications.

Lightricks launched its inaugural breakthrough app, Facetune, which quickly rose to become one of the bestselling mobile photography apps of 2014. Users were able to edit and retouch selfies effortlessly with remarkable precision for magazine-worthy results right on their smartphones!

Lightricks expanded its portfolio with Enlight, built upon the success of Facetune. Enlight featured an expansive set of photo editing tools and effects designed to go beyond simple retouching; instead, it provided users with tools they could use to unleash their artistic vision and transform ordinary photos into remarkable works of art.

Enlight's feature set included advanced editing features like selective control, curve adjustment and color toning for fine-tuning images. In addition, Enlight's collection of artistic filters, textures and overlays allowed users to experiment with different styles and create distinct visual narratives.

Enlight's success was undeniable, quickly garnering widespread acclaim from professionals and amateurs alike. Critical acclaim as well as numerous awards were bestowed upon it for its innovative mobile photo editing approach - including winning Apple Design Awards 2017.

Lightricks has continuously enhanced and developed Enlight, adding new technologies and features that meet user demands and evolving user needs. Lightricks regularly released updates with such enhancements as AI-powered tools, advanced masking techniques and integrated creative workflows.

Enlight is one of the premier photo editing apps available for both iOS and Android platforms, boasting millions of downloads. It boasts an enthusiastic community that continues to push its creative abilities with this robust app's editing features.

Enlight stands out in the mobile photo editing landscape with its rich history and commitment to innovation, providing users with an effortless way to express their artistic vision while turning photos into captivating visual masterpieces.

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