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Easyshift is a mobile application designed to enable individuals to earn money by performing different tasks for various brands and companies. First introduced by Quri Inc of San Francisco - which specializes in data and analytics for retailers and manufacturers - Easyshift was released for public use in 2012.

Easyshift app has gained widespread adoption due to its user-friendly interface and flexibility; tasks on this app range from taking photos of products on store shelves or reviewing menus at restaurants to reviewing them, with users receiving rewards for accomplishing these tasks.

Easyshift's app stands out by enabling users to select tasks they want to complete on their own timetable, making it appealing to people seeking extra income on the side. This makes Easyshift an attractive solution.

Since 2012, when Easyshift first debuted, numerous updates and upgrades have taken place to optimize the user experience. Quri Inc was acquired by Ansa LLC of New York; Ansa continued operating the app while adding new features such as an in-app messaging system, real-time task notifications, and improved payment options.

Today, Easyshift remains an increasingly popular way for individuals to earn extra income by performing small tasks for various brands and companies. This service has become part of the gig economy due to an increase in flexible work opportunities.

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