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Duomi is a Chinese mobile music player application that enables users to stream and download music, build playlists, discover new artists, and access an extensive music library. First launched in 2005, Duomi quickly rose in popularity due to its user-friendly interface, vast library, and compatibility across platforms.

Duomi's parent company, A8 Music, was established by Chinese entrepreneur Michael Song in 2004 with the purpose of offering comprehensive music experiences to Chinese consumers. At that time, China's music industry was highly pirated and fragmented with few legal options for accessing it - A8 Music sought to change this by creating a legal and convenient platform for music consumption.

Duomi began as a mobile music service provider to Chinese consumers through partnerships with mobile carriers and device manufacturers, but in 2011 expanded to offer standalone mobile app downloads by anyone connected to the internet - this move proved revolutionary for Duomi as it enabled it to reach wider audiences while cementing itself as one of China's premier music apps.

Duomi was acquired by Chinese tech giant Alibaba in 2015 after its potential synergies with their existing ecosystem of online shopping, payment and entertainment services were recognized. Following its purchase, Duomi was integrated into Alibaba's digital media and entertainment division which has since been rebranded as Alibaba Music.

Duomi remains one of China's most beloved music apps with millions of active users and an expansive library featuring both domestic and international artists. Duomi continues to adapt to changing trends within the music industry by offering features like personalized recommendations, social sharing and live-streaming concerts.

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