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Duolingo, a language-learning app launched in 2011, has enjoyed widespread acclaim since its release. Offering users an engaging and fun platform for language acquisition, Duolingo utilizes gamified learning methodology with users earning points as they progress through lessons to earn levels as they advance.

Duolingo was established by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, both graduates of Carnegie Mellon University. The idea for Duolingo came about after von Ahn had developed CAPTCHA technology used to verify human users on websites; while solving CAPTCHAs people could learn something new. He recruited Hacker as a co-developer to begin creating Duolingo together.

Duolingo was initially introduced into private beta in November 2011 and released to the public in June 2012 as an educational app focused on Spanish, French, and German learning. Since then, its course offerings have expanded to encompass over 40 different languages such as Chinese, Japanese Arabic and Navajo Hawaiian among many others.

Duolingo's success can be attributed to its innovative language learning method. The app employs text, audio and visual cues combined with machine learning algorithms to aid language acquisition. Lessons are organized in such a way as to encourage users to actively engage with the material - for instance by translating sentences, matching words to their meanings, or repeating phrases out loud. Furthermore, machine learning algorithms personalize the learning experience based on each user's progress.

Duolingo has earned numerous recognition for its innovative language learning platform. Both Apple and Google named Duolingo their App of the Year; Fast Company recognized it as one of the most innovative companies globally. By 2021, this global app had amassed over 500 million registered users - helping millions learn a new language along the way!

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