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Dsploit is an Android application created for network security analysis and penetration testing, first released in 2012 and quickly becoming a powerful tool among security professionals and enthusiasts.

Dsploit was developed by Simone Margaritelli, better known online by his online handle "evilsocket". He was motivated to create it after working in network security and realizing there was a need for an app that could provide testing and analysis capabilities on mobile platforms.

The app includes various tools and functions for network analysis, such as port scanning, network mapping and password cracking. Furthermore, exploiting vulnerabilities allows users to test the security of both their own networks as well as those belonging to others.

Dsploit was widely popular and useful; however, its potential misuse by malicious actors caused some controversy. Google eventually removed it from their Play Store over concerns over potential illegal uses for it.

Since then, Dsploit has evolved into an open-source project and remains available for download from various third-party sources. While still considered valuable by security professionals and enthusiasts, its use should be carefully managed in order to prevent misuse.

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