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Dosh is a cashback app that gives users an opportunity to earn cashback when making purchases at participating stores and retailers. Founded by Ryan Wuerch - also the creator of Solavei Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Dosh makes cashback as simple and effortless as possible: users simply link their credit or debit cards with the app and when making purchases from participating retailers, their cashback automatically accrues - no scanning receipts, entering coupon codes, or taking any additional steps necessary!

Dosh has quickly grown since its debut in 2016 - now boasting over 15 million users in the United States alone. Partnering with over 10,000 stores such as Nike, Walmart, Target and Uber for cashback offers on purchases made, Dosh offers significant cashback rebates on every transaction made via its app.

Dosh has garnered significant investment from notable venture capital firms. In 2018, it raised $44 million through Goodwater Capital's Series A funding round; and, later in 2019, Acrew Capital lead an additional $40 million Series B round.

Dosh offers cashback on purchases and also rewards users who refer friends and family to its app through referral links. Both parties benefit from using referral links when someone signs up using them - both referrer and referee will get cashback on future purchases made using Dosh!

Dosh has quickly established itself as one of the leading cashback apps, thanks to its user-friendly interface, expansive network of retail partners, and unique approach to earning cashback.

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