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Doodle is an online scheduling tool that enables users to find the ideal time and date for group activities - be they business meetings, social gatherings or any other type. Users create polls with potential meeting times and invite participants to vote on their availability; once votes have been collected Doodle selects one that best meets everyone's availability.

Doodle was founded by Michael Naf, a Swiss entrepreneur looking to simplify meeting scheduling. Naf was inspired to start Doodle while trying to set up a meeting with some friends but kept being back and forth on possible meeting times and dates - an idea that struck him immediately when his meeting became time-consuming and cumbersome to coordinate. Doodle provides an easy and straightforward platform that makes meeting planning simple for all users!

Doodle was initially created as a side project for Naf, but quickly garnered popularity and investors. Doodle received funding from the Swiss Founders Fund in 2009 and launched its premium subscription service Doodle Premium that same year. Following this launch, an office was opened in Berlin Germany to expand its presence in European markets.

Over time, Doodle has continued to flourish, adding new features and optimizing its user interface. In 2014, it introduced mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allowing users to schedule meetings while on the go. Finally, in 2018 Tamedia, a Swiss media company, acquired Doodle for an undisclosed sum.

Today, Doodle is used by millions of people around the globe - from individuals to large corporations - thanks to its ease of use and reliability. Doodle allows users to say goodbye to scheduling headaches while focusing on getting things done efficiently and successfully.

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