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Ditty from Zya Music Software Company allows users to easily create short videos with music and lyrics, quickly. Since its initial release for iOS devices in March 2015, this revolutionary mobile application has received widespread praise as its ability to turn text into catchy songs quickly made an impressive first impression with users.

Ditty is inspired by an early 20th-century musical entertainment called a singing telegram, where live singers or performers used musical entertainment to deliver personalized messages directly to individuals. Ditty brings this concept into the digital era and allows users to customize musical messages that they can send directly to family and friends.

This app works by allowing users to input any text, which will then be transformed into a short music video with pre-recorded songs and animations. Users can select popular, rock, hip hop country genres as well as customization features including backgrounds fonts animations.

Ditty became an instantaneous viral hit, with users creating and sharing Dittys across social media platforms. Following its immense success, Zya was later acquired by Smule (a leading music app developer). Ditty continues to be available on iOS and Android devices with over 10 million downloads worldwide despite losing some popularity over time - it remains an indispensable tool for creating musical messages with fun messages while remaining entertaining to use!

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