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Cozi is a mobile and web-based application that serves as a digital family organizer to keep track of schedules, to-do lists, shopping lists and other items important to families. Cozi was first developed by husband-and-wife duo Robbie and Janell Farr in 2005 as an attempt to better organize their own family life; its goal is to simplify life for families by offering one platform where members could access and share pertinent data efficiently.

Cozi was launched in 2007, and since then has become one of the most beloved family management apps on both iOS and Android, boasting millions of users worldwide. Free to download on both platforms, Cozi has won multiple awards for its innovative approach to family organization.

Cozi is designed to help families manage their busy lives, from appointments and after-school activities to meal planning, grocery shopping and grocery delivery services, etc. Users of the Cozi app can create family calendars, shopping lists and to-do lists that can be shared between all family members regardless of location; reminders, notifications and alerts make life simpler!

Cozi is distinguished by its ability to integrate with the popular calendar and productivity apps like Google Calendar and Outlook, making it simple for families to keep all of their essential information together in one convenient location and reducing the need to switch between various applications when managing different aspects of their lives.

Cozi is an app that has changed how families manage and organize their busy lives, with its user-friendly design and comprehensive features making it a go-to solution for families looking to simplify and remain organized.

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