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Connectify is a software application developed by Philadelphia-based Connectify Inc. that enables users to transform their computers into wireless hotspots. Since 2009, when first released as an app for sale to users and businesses alike, Connectify has proven itself an indispensable resource in sharing internet connection among multiple devices.

Connectify was first conceived in 2008 while its founder and CEO Alex Gizis was working in wireless networking. Realizing there was an urgent need for an easy way for people to share their internet connection without investing in costly hardware or complicated software solutions, Alex started working on the first version of Connectify during his free time and released its first public beta version in November 2009.

Connectify was an instant success, garnering thousands of downloads in just weeks of being released. Over time, the company continued to enhance and refine the software by adding features and improving performance - in 2011 Connectify even released a premium version called Connectify Pro with additional capabilities such as sharing files and printers over networks.

Connectify is now widely used by millions of people globally in both free and paid versions, receiving praise for its simplicity and user-friendliness - it has even been featured by The New York Times, PC World and Lifehacker!

Connectify is best known for its hotspot software but has also developed various networking tools - including Speedify - a VPN service that combines multiple internet connections into one to provide faster and more reliable internet access, and Pingify, a network monitoring tool designed specifically for businesses.

Overall, Connectify has had an immense effect on how people access and share the internet; its innovative wireless networking approach remains an integral component of today's tech landscape.

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