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Cold Turkey is a productivity application designed to help users reduce access to distracting websites and applications that detract from work productivity and meet goals more easily. First developed by Lassi A. Liikkanen in 2012, Cold Turkey has since gained immense popularity among students, professionals and anyone needing to reduce distractions in daily life.

Cold Turkey stands out from other web filtering software by offering features that allow users to customize blocklists, set timers and schedules, and create incentives for staying focused.

Cold Turkey was initially created as a personal project by Lassi A. Liikkanen, a Finnish software developer who was struggling to focus while writing his Ph.D. thesis. Since existing web filtering software wasn't providing him with effective relief from distractions while writing his Ph.D. thesis, he decided to develop Cold Turkey himself. After sharing it with friends and colleagues for evaluation purposes, positive responses led him to make Cold Turkey publicly available.

Cold Turkey has undergone various updates and upgrades since its debut, providing users with features such as support for blocking certain applications, password-protected settings and a statistics dashboard that shows the proportion of time users spent engaging in productive versus distracting activities. Available for Windows and macOS computers as well as Android mobile devices.

Cold Turkey is an innovative productivity app designed to limit access to distracting websites and apps. First created in 2012 by Lassi A. Liikkanen to combat his own distractions, Cold Turkey has since grown into an effective tool that has helped many others enhance productivity and meet their goals more easily.

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