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Cocoppa is an immensely popular mobile application that allows users to personalize their smartphone home screens with an array of aesthetically pleasing icons, wallpapers and widgets. First introduced in Japan in 2012 by United Inc. of Tokyo-based software development company United in Inc..

Cocoppa quickly rose to popularity in Japan before spreading globally - including to the US. Cocoppa has proven particularly popular among younger users looking to personalize their devices and express themselves.

"Cocoppa" is a Japanese term meaning heart or emotion and "pah," a sound effect used to represent tapping. This app's name signifies its focus on providing users with ways to express themselves through smartphone customization choices that reflect both emotions and personalities.

Cocoppa offers thousands of icons, wallpapers and widgets that users can use to personalize their home screens. Users also have the ability to design their own icons and share them with the Cocoppa community; you can then browse and download other user's creations creating a community platform which fosters creativity and inspires.

Cocoppa has come under scrutiny recently for its business practices. While downloading and using Cocoppa are both free, many icons and wallpapers must be purchased with Cocoppa Coins; users have complained that its addictive nature leads them to spend too many Coins than planned.

Cocoppa remains a prominent and influential app in the realm of mobile customization, and its success has inspired other apps and platforms that enable users to personalize their devices and express their creative side.

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