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Close5 was a P2P marketplace app developed and launched by eBay Inc. as an alternative to popular P2P marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace in 2015. Close5 focused on providing users with a straightforward user interface so that they could buy or sell items quickly and effortlessly.

Close5 emerged in response to an emerging consumer trend for purchasing and selling goods locally instead of through large online marketplaces. Close5 intended to capitalize on this movement by creating an accessible marketplace app focused on local transactions.

Close5 began life in San Francisco before quickly expanding to other U.S. cities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. By 2016, Close5 had over 7 million registered users and was considered one of the leading P2P marketplaces.

eBay announced in 2017 that, despite Close5's initial success, they would be shutting it down as part of their larger strategy to focus on core e-commerce business and consolidate product portfolio.

Close5 may no longer be in existence, but its influence on the P2P marketplace industry cannot be denied. This app played an essential role in popularizing local P2P marketplaces and providing consumers with another way of purchasing goods online - an effect still felt today by other marketplaces that have come about since Close5. Its legacy can still be seen through many similar marketplaces that have since emerged since.

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