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ClassPass is a fitness platform that connects users to workout classes near them. Established by Payal Kadakia as an outlet to the difficulties associated with finding and booking classes in New York City, ClassPass has since expanded globally and currently operates in over 30 countries worldwide.

ClassPass initially offered a flat monthly subscription that allowed users to attend unlimited fitness classes at participating studios. Subsequently, ClassPass added additional features and pricing options, such as ClassPass Live for online workout classes and ClassPass Flex for classes outside their city of residence. Furthermore, in 2020 the company released ClassPass Wellness with access to mental and physical wellness resources.

ClassPass has raised more than $550 million in funding and acquired several smaller fitness platforms, such as Fitmob and GuavaPass, to further its global offerings and reach. By 2021, ClassPass boasted over 30,000 partner studios with 100 million reservations made on its platform.

ClassPass has made waves in the fitness industry by providing users with an efficient and cost-effective means to access a diverse array of workout classes. It has also been lauded for helping local studios reach a larger audience; however, some studios and fitness professionals feel as though ClassPass takes too large of a cut of profits while undervaluing classes offered on its platform. Nonetheless, this option continues to remain a popular one among users seeking to diversify their workout routine and discover new studios.

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