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Clash of Clans, developed by Finnish mobile game development company Supercell and first released for iOS devices in August 2012 before later making the jump over to Android OS in October of the same year, has quickly become one of the most beloved mobile games ever created. Available as both freemium (free to download and play) as well as offering in-app purchases for additional features, Clash of Clans has quickly become one of the top titles on both platforms since then.

This medieval-themed fantasy world game puts players in control of the building and managing a village, with their main goal being to construct a strong village, train troops, and attack other players' villages while protecting their own. There is both a single-player campaign vs goblin villages as well as a multiplayer mode that allows clan formation and warring between clans.

Clash of Clans has quickly become one of the most successful mobile games ever, generating billions in revenue for Supercell. It boasts an active player base spanning millions of people who log in every day to interact with each other while playing. Furthermore, its success has spurred on an international esports scene featuring tournaments and competitions held worldwide.

Since its release, Clash of Clans has seen several updates which include new features, troops, spells and game modes to keep it fresh and engaging for players - thus maintaining its massive success as an iconic mobile game and cultural phenomenon.

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