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Checkpoints is a mobile application created by InMarket that allows users to earn rewards by scanning barcodes on products in various retail stores. Since its release, millions have downloaded the application and major retailers including Walmart, Target, and CVS have signed partnership agreements with this app.

Checkpoints offer users a simple concept: users can earn points by scanning barcodes in participating stores, which can then be redeemed for various rewards like gift cards, merchandise or even cash. Furthermore, Checkpoints users can earn additional points through watching videos, taking surveys or engaging in other activities within the app itself.

InMarket's Checkpoints app was initially introduced as a means for brands and retailers to connect with consumers while gathering valuable insights about their shopping behavior. By offering incentives to scan products, they were able to gather invaluable intelligence on which products were popular with customers when they were purchased, where they were being purchased from, etc.

Checkpoints has quickly become one of the most beloved consumer apps, with millions of users scanning products and reaping rewards. Over time, its reach has extended even further by adding features such as social sharing, personalized offers, and location-based deals.

Checkpoints has made an immense statement about the retail industry's impact, both from brands' perspective of collecting consumer data as well as consumers saving money and earning rewards while shopping.



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