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Cheat Engine is a free and open-source software program developed by Eric Heijnen in 2005 that allows users to alter the behavior of computer games. Since its release, Cheat Engine has become popular among gamers and modders interested in creating customized mods, cheats and hacks for various video games.

Cheat Engine works by scanning the memory of a running game process and enabling users to manipulate values such as health, score and other game mechanics. Cheat Engine employs various advanced techniques including code injection, patching and memory scanning in order to achieve these effects. Furthermore, Cheat Engine offers debugging and reverse engineering tools that enable users to examine how a game operates better and gain deeper insight.

Cheat Engine stands out among other tools with its versatility, enabling it to work with a wide array of games - from small indie titles to AAA releases - across platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux. Plus, Cheat Engine's developer keeps updating it regularly ensuring it remains effective across various use cases.

Cheat Engine has long been popular among gamers and modders alike; however, some game publishers and developers have taken an unfavorable view of its use as it can provide unfair advantages in multiplayer games or bypass anti-cheat measures. Furthermore, some individuals have used it maliciously by creating cheats or hacks which compromise other player's or game servers' security.

Cheat Engine has made an immense contribution to gaming and modding communities worldwide, including gaming console manufacturers like Nintendo. While its use may spark debate, its continued development confirms its relevance and usefulness for these sectors.

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