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CCleaner is an industry-standard system optimization and cleaning utility for Windows, Mac OSX and Android devices from Piriform. Over 2.5 billion downloads have taken place since its initial release.

Piriform's first release of CCleaner can be traced back to 2004, when they released it under its original name of "Crap Cleaner". CCleaner was designed to help users delete unnecessary files from their computers' registry while freeing up space for better use of resources on disk.

Over time, CCleaner has evolved into an all-in-one system optimization solution. Along with cleaning temporary files and registry entries, CCleaner now can uninstall software, manage startup programs, delete cookies from browsing history to protect user's privacy, as well as uninstall programs from devices using unsecure protocols like IAIO or RFC 2822.

Over the years, CCleaner has experienced various ownership transitions. Most recently in 2017, Piriform was acquired by Avast - a cybersecurity firm. While some users were concerned with Avast's data collection practices at first, Avast quickly addressed these concerns while continuing to develop and update CCleaner regularly.

Today, CCleaner can be found both for free and at an annual subscription cost; with its latter version offering extra features like real-time monitoring and automatic updates. Although its past has been marked by controversy, millions of users worldwide trust CCleaner as an efficient tool for optimizing and cleaning up computers.

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