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Cartoon HD is a streaming application that enables users to watch their favorite television shows and movies for free on smartphones and other mobile devices. This app features an extensive collection of television series that span genres such as action, comedy, horror and drama; plus it supports Android as well as iOS platforms.

Cartoon HD dates back to 2013 when it first launched as a mobile application available exclusively through Apple App Store. Following some copyright issues, however, this was later pulled due to being unavailable online and eventually rebranded and relaunched as a web application.

Cartoon HD has weathered multiple legal challenges and been temporarily closed down multiple times without incurring serious losses to its user base, due to its unique features that provide users with ease of accessing their favorite content.

Cartoon HD has quickly grown popular worldwide over time, drawing millions of users. Its intuitive user experience, a vast selection of TV shows and movies, and free streaming options have made it a go-to choice for many streaming fans looking for free streaming solutions. Unfortunately, however, its growing popularity has also attracted criticism from copyright holders who claim the app promotes piracy.

Cartoon HD has quickly established itself as a premier streaming application, providing users access to an abundance of TV shows and movies for free. Even through legal challenges it has managed to remain popular due to its unique features and convenience it offers its users.

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