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Candid is a mobile application designed to provide anonymous social networking. Since 2016, Candid has quickly gained popularity among college students and young adults. Users of Candid can share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences without disclosing their identities - creating an avenue for candid and honest discussions to take place.

Candid was co-founded by Bindu Reddy and Jonathan Sills, both former Google employees. Reddy found inspiration for this app upon being diagnosed with breast cancer and feeling she needed an anonymous platform where she could share her experiences and connect with those facing similar challenges.

Candid was initially only available on US college campuses; however, over time it quickly expanded to other locations and demographics. By 2017 the app had amassed over one million users and was worth an estimated $45 million.

This app has drawn criticism for its anonymity, with some users using it to post offensive or abusive content. However, developers have implemented moderation and reporting features in response to such complaints.

Overall, Candid has proven successful at providing a platform for open and honest discussion of sensitive subjects, such as mental health, relationships and personal struggles.

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