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Burner app is a mobile application that enables users to create temporary phone numbers for various uses, including making calls, sending text messages and receiving voicemails - just like regular numbers would. Burner is especially useful for people seeking privacy protection while protecting personal information as well as those looking for ways to separate personal from professional lives.

Burner app was established by Greg Cohn and Will Carter with the purpose of offering an easy solution for creating temporary phone numbers. Their inspiration came while working on a social networking app that required users to share their phone numbers; when it became evident that many were unwilling or uncomfortable sharing these personal numbers publicly, the concept for Burner App came about.

Initial Burner app development focused on iPhone users; however, since then it has expanded to support Android as well. Since its debut, multiple updates and improvements have been implemented with new features being regularly introduced into the app. Burner app has gained immense popularity worldwide with millions of downloads since its launch.

One of the primary draws to Burner app is its versatility: users can create multiple Burner numbers with unique features and settings; for instance, users may set one up that only exists temporarily (e.g. a week or month) or to specifically support activities like online dating or business transactions.

Burner app's immense popularity lies in its user-friendliness: simply download and select one from among a list of available phone numbers can create a Burner number. Once created, users can add personalization by including voicemail greetings or configuring call forwarding settings for their specific numbers.

Burner App is an extremely popular mobile application that enables users to create temporary phone numbers for various purposes. Established by Greg Cohn and Will Carter in 2012, it has since attracted millions of users globally due to its simplicity of use and versatility, becoming an indispensable solution for protecting privacy while safeguarding personal information.

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