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Bump Technologies, Inc.'s mobile application "Bump" allowed users to easily share files, contacts, and photos between two smartphones by physically bumping them together. First released for iOS devices in 2008 and soon becoming popular throughout its early days on the App Store, Bump enjoyed great popularity among its users.

The bump was inspired by the desire to simplify content sharing between individuals without cables, email attachments or other complicated methods. It uses Bluetooth and location data to detect when two smartphones came together accidentally and initiate data transfers between devices.

Bump's main functionality included an assortment of social features designed to connect its users and share photos and contacts across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, users could utilize its integration with these popular services for information sharing across all three.

Bump quickly rose to popularity on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, being downloaded millions of times by users worldwide. Google eventually acquired Bump in 2013 but eventually discontinued it in 2014 as its focus shifted away from this project towards other projects.

Though no longer in its original state, Bump lives on through other apps and technologies that utilize similar concepts of physical proximity and contactless communication. Bump was an innovative and influential app which led to today's plethora of mobile sharing and communication apps.

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