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Branch is a financial technology company offering mobile banking and financial services to its users. Established by Matt Flannery and Daniel Jung in 2015 with the mission to help people achieve financial freedom by providing affordable financial services at convenient locations, Branch was launched as a mobile bank app in 2016 which provides its users access to mobile banking.

At its inception, the company started as a mobile lending platform in Kenya providing loans through mobile money platforms and collecting repayment via similar methods. Due to its success with this model, services were extended into other African markets like Nigeria and Tanzania.

Branch introduced its mobile app in 2016 that provided users with convenient access to loans and other financial services directly from their smartphones. Designed to be user-friendly, this platform allowed people to easily apply for loans, manage accounts, and make payments.

Over time, Branch has continued to broaden its services and reach. Now operating in several countries around the globe - India, Mexico and the US among others - the company has also partnered with financial institutions and mobile network operators to offer additional services such as savings accounts, insurance policies and mobile airtime top-ups.

Today, Branch has over 15 million users and has disbursed over $2 billion in loans since its launch. Committed to providing accessible financial services at affordable rates for underserved communities, Branch constantly innovates its offerings to better meet its user's needs.



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