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Boomerang, developed by Instagram, allow users to easily create short looping videos. First released in 2015 and rapidly adopted by social media influencers and young adults, Boomerang quickly rose in popularity since its initial release.

Boomerang videos are created by taking multiple photographs at the same time and stitching them together into a short video that loops back and forth, producing an animation effect. Users can then share their Boomerangs across Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Boomerang was conceptualized out of Instagram's desire to provide users with an enjoyable way to capture moments. Their development team wanted to create an intuitive tool that quickly captured moments that were visually compelling and engaging - hence Boomerang!

Boomerang was an instantaneous hit, drawing millions of users within months of its debut. Social media influencers and celebrities quickly adopted it to add dynamic content to their feeds and connect with followers.

Over the years, Instagram has steadily updated and enhanced their Boomerang app, adding features such as slow-motion playback and trimming tools. Furthermore, they have seamlessly integrated this functionality into their core features allowing users to create Boomerangs directly from Instagram camera.

Boomerang remains an engaging tool for users seeking to add a creative flare to their social media content. Its simplistic yet engaging format has cemented Boomerang as an integral component of Instagram and its ongoing success.

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