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Blocklauncher is an increasingly popular app for customizing the Minecraft: Pocket Edition experience on Android platforms. Created by Zhuowei Zhang in 2012, Blocklauncher quickly gained prominence among Minecraft players looking to add additional features and functionalities into their game experience.

Blocklauncher dates back to 2011, when Minecraft first hit shelves. While the game quickly gained massive acclaim, many of its players lacked the customization options that they desired - leading them to create third-party mods and tools which enabled them to tailor the experience exactly as desired. This led to Blocklauncher being created as a result.

Zhuowei Zhang identified a need for an easier modding tool in Minecraft: Pocket Edition in 2012 and created Blocklauncher as an attempt to fulfill that need. Since then, Blocklauncher has grown in popularity among Minecraft players while receiving various upgrades and improvements that add features as well as expanding compatibility across versions of Minecraft.

Today, Blocklauncher remains an invaluable tool for Minecraft players looking to add new features or mods. Its popularity has inspired other similar modding tools on mobile devices; yet despite such advances it continues to have an important place within the Minecraft modding community and millions of players worldwide feel its impact.

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