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Are you a social person? Do you like to chat with people to socialize? There are many audio chats and written chat applications, but now we will be telling you about some video chat applications such as Azar and apps like Azar.

Azar was released in 2013, and since then, it has been attracting many users from around the world. It is a video chat application for random chats, and it allows you to move from one video chat to other using your Android phone. The people don’t have to be on your contact list, and they can be random people. So if you are enjoying chatting with one person, you can continue. Otherwise, you can switch to another person. However, this app has one drawback: if you want to have a chat with the opposite gender, you will have to pay. Talking with the same gender is free.

So many people search for other apps like Azar since everyone wants to talk to the opposite gender. Therefore, people like to move to other alternatives, which are for free. We have a list of alternatives which you must have a look at. Also, if you have other suggestions to see more such articles, feel free to share.

Similar and Alternative Apps Like Azar



Chatous launched as a social networking application in 2013, enab



Meowchat was an award-winning social networking app developed in



Monkey is a video chat application that enables users to video ch

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