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Suppose you are here to read about alternatives of Android Auto. In that case, you must already know the application that will be entirely replaced by Assistant Driving Mode, which is accessed through the settings in your Google Maps.

Android Auto is an application for phones by Google to mirror the features of android on the car’s entertainment unit or dashboard. So just like applications that connect a phone to smart TV, this application can show some of the mobile apps on the vehicle’s display, but it is on its way out. People who have a version of Android 12 or onwards will be affected by the turning off of this application. However, it doesn’t affect the version on your car’s dashboard.

Android Auto is going to end, and therefore it is necessary to know about more alternatives that can replace android auto. So, in other words, for the people who are in search of apps like Android auto, they have landed on the right page.

If you do not have Android Auto in your phone or car yet and are planning to get one, this alternative will prove very helpful for you because other apps like Android Auto will take the place of Android Auto from now on.

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Microsoft Cortana is a virtual assistant designed to facilitate n


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Google Maps is an innovative web mapping service developed by Goo



Waze, the popular navigation app created in Israel in 2008 by Uri

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