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Do you have an Android TV? Do you ever feel like sharing your phone's content with everyone on a big screen? Here is a name that is on top of the list – Allcast.

Allcast is an excellent application that has been doing wonders since 2013. It lets you see and enjoy your photos on your phone, be it iPhone, Android, iPad, etc., on a big screen such as your smart TV. If you have something interesting to share with your family and want to watch it on the big screen, all you have to do is install Allcast and connect it with your phone, and you are good to go. It provides you with total ease of streaming data from one device to another.

But this is not the only application. Suppose you do not enjoy using this application. There are other apps like Allcast. Some people find some other names better than Allcast. Also, if there are some other suggestions that you want to make concerning reviewing similar apps, then feel free to share. There are many apps like Allcast that are worth paying attention to.

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LocalCast is an Android and iOS application used for streaming me

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