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Are you looking for an easy way to invest a small amount? Have you ever heard of the term micro-investing? Do you know the best company which deals in robo-investing? The answer to all these queries is simple, Acorns.

Acorns is an American financial investment company that came into being in 2012. The whole idea of this app revolves around rounding up the purchases you have made through a debit or credit card by linking with Acorns account. These can be then topped up to the nearest dollar. Acorn app has a subscription fee. You can make accounts for yourself and your family. It charges $3 for a personal account and $5 for a family account. But some people feel that Acorns charges a high fee for small account balances. So, it is time to search for some similar Apps like Acorns.

Similar companies trade in financial activities and specialize in micro-investments, just like Acorn. Take a look at the app list below for some more alternatives. Also, if you want to see the other options for any other applications, feel free to drop your suggestions. We try to bring as much information regarding similar and alternative apps to our readers as possible.

Similar and Alternative Apps Like Acorns



Robinhood is an innovative mobile application that has attracted



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Stash is a financial technology company offering a mobile applica

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